Month: August 2018


What is your fantasy? I have all of these crazy fantasies buzzing around in my head, and I really don’t know where they have come from. Did it start around the same time I joined London escorts? No, that would not be true. I think it is started way before I joined London escorts and is in fact one of the reason I got involved in escorting.

At one time I even had a fantasy about becoming a charlotte London escort, I guess that is one fantasy which has come true for me. But, since I joined London escorts, my fantasy life has taken on new meaning. It has become even richer and more elaborate. Role play was never part of what was going on in my head, but over the last year or so, it has come to the forefront of my mind. Fortunately, I have an excellent outlet for my role play fantasies with charlotte London escorts so I guess that I should be grateful for that. But, my fantasies, and even dreams, don’t stop there.

The other night I dreamed that I was a star in an erotic movie. It was a little bit like Fifty Shades of Grey but a little more interesting and hardcore you may say. I woke up in the early of the morning soaking in my sweat and juices. It was all a little bit too much and I took a shower to calm myself down. As I stood in the shower, I went over the days events at London escorts and tried to figure out what made me feel that way. Had something happened at London escorts which had caused me to have this sexy dream?

I am a big believer in fantasies and think that we should “play “ more with our fantasies. Most of my dates at London escorts have pretty harmless fantasies, and I can’t see the problem with that. However, if you feel that you have a problem with your fantasies, you should try to seek help with them. What is the root of them? Finding the root cause of our fantasies may help to understand ourselves better, and especially when you deal with sexual fantasies, that could be good thing. But, if your fantasies are harmless, I think that you should just let them me. To many of the gents I date at London escorts, they are a harmless outlet, and may even provide a distraction for boring events during the day.

They are their for a reason and may even give us an energy boost during the day. One minute you are sitting in front of your computer, and the next minute you are on holiday with a leading porn star. What you see in your mind’s eye during the day can in fact help you to reduce stress and harmful emotions. If we understood our minds better, perhaps we would also understand and appreciate the value of fantasies. Maybe they are important on both a physical and emotional level.…

How to care for broken hearts in London

Do you have a broken heart following a relationship break-up, why don’t you give us a call at London escorts? I can’t heal all of the broken hearts in London, all I can do is to try to help one heart at the time. It does not matter what age you are, it is now easier than eve before ending up suffering from a broken heart. Girls have changed their attitude towards dating, and you are likely to run into girls who are more interested in your bank balance than anything else. Is that really the most important part of a relationship? I don’t think so.


Sadly it is often vulnerable perhaps more senior gents who fall victims to girls who are not really interested in having genuine relationships. I am not sure where this new trend is coming from, but I am pretty sure that it is coming from the United States. The new norm in the US seems to be to hook up with men who are a little bit older, and get them to pay for your lifestyle in one way or another. Increasingly the men I date at London escorts tell me that they are being approached by younger ladies in bars and clubs.


I am not sure what I think about these females, but in general, I do think that they are pretty cruel to be honest.  The thing is that many men who date London escorts are very vulnerable. They may have some unique needs and on top of that, many of them have come out of failed relationships. This is often while they end up dating escorts in London. They found it hard to move on but they would still like o enjoy a little bit of female companionship.


How do you care for a man with a broken heart? Putting a smile on your face is important and on top of that you want to make him feel like he is on top of the world when he is with you. Every date is unique and the girls and I at London escorts never know who is going to be standing there when we open the door. The dinner date, or GFE experience, is more popular than ever and it seems to me that the bast majority of gents who seek the company of escorts in London, are mainly looking for companionship.


When I joined my first London escorts service, things were very much different. Men used to date London escorts because they thought it was a fun way to enjoy some adult company in London.  That was fun, but just like with any other job, things keep changing all of the time. I am sure that in a couple of years time, we are going to be see different dating styles than we do today. Yes, there are still going to be plenty of broken hearts around in London, but at the same time, London escorts will be there for you to help you mend that broken heart of yours.…