Life is not always comfortable; there are days we struggle and faced difficulties.

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We cannot expect life to be good to us always, but there are many reasons in life to keep going. Problems are still there to block our ways, and we cannot help about it. During difficult times, we should not give up life, since it was only a test for us. Everyone experienced difficult paths, we all us struggled even the wealthiest man. You know that that successful person we saw, tend to fight life until they become what they are now. All of us has different stories, and no one has the right to judge because we all struggled. Many of us dreamed of having a successful life, we all want to improve our living and live life comfortably.

There are many times, we almost forgot ourselves because of too much pressure from work, expectations, etc. We never knew that our time is running, and we focus on a specific thing, especially if we only did it for the sake of other people. But there is a big difference when love hits you; there are times you feel happy and your tiredness ease. There is an intense feeling you feel, and you feel different emotions. And then you feel like more alive, and your life becomes better. You have reasons to wake up each day and be grateful.

Many of us want to have someone who believes with other people and us don’t matter. We only wish to one person to take care and love us despite our failures in life. Growing up with a wealthy family, you have to become perfect in their eyes. All you do is commanded and not your free will. You always follow other people’s opinion and not mind about yours. Every time you are belittled and make a mistake, you see yourself as a loser. My family had nothing to say except my errors and how I handle my life. They want me to become like them, perfect and better. While I even forget my happiness to fulfill their dreams to me.

After graduation, the business handed over me, and I did everything to make them happy and proud. I am afraid of mistakes and feared to be a judge every time. One of the places I went to is Surrey, London England. I find the place relaxing and calm. I met Joana here, a Surrey escorts from, and she is different to another woman. Aside from her beauty, she has a good personality, and I admired her with that. She taught me how to become happy for myself and fight against manipulative people who are trying to control my life. When she came, I have many learnings with her as well as being in love with her.

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