It makes my heart beat

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I never thought to end up my marriage. It was beautiful and full of love before. I’ve been looking for love for so many years and took it seriously when I found someone that could make my heart beat. We all know that when we are in love, we want it to last and will take any risks for it. I promise myself when I found the one for me. I will never let him go. In the past, I was very disappointed when I broke up with my ex-boyfriend. He is my first love and admired him the most when we were kids. We are neighbors and become childhood friends to sweethearts. To my extreme like to him, during our elementary, I told him that I am in love with him, and would like to become his girlfriend. But we were just too young before, and he did promise me that when we are in the right age, we will become a couple. According to St. Johns Wood escorts of

Well, he did not break his promise. We become a best friend; we have each other’s back through thick and thin. We will defend each other at all costs. I believe in him when everyone gives up. Later on, he did fall in love with me and asked me to be his girlfriend. I thought I am the most beautiful woman in the universe and the luckiest. Imagine, I am dreaming of him for all of my life, and we are now officially a couple. It was a beautiful relationship, everything is smooth and find each other as a comfort. I am not expecting that we will end up, we are near on our dreams at that time, two months left to be our graduation day in college. He told me about he is not in love with me anymore and to stay with me can cause pain.

I had a hard time to move on; I did go to London to forget. I stayed in St Johns Wood after my graduation. I met Kent; he is our neighbor, a good-looking businessman. Through the years of stay there, we become close and help me to get over the pain. We decided to become a couple since he is single and I am fully recovering from my past. Our relationship went well that I am not expecting he will propose at our 10th anniversary. We did marry after three months of the proposal. I am pregnant with my first child. But our marriage does not last long, he cheated on me, and we get an annulment. I have a hard time raising my child, and to face a new journey. I became a St Johns Wood escorts to finance our needs. Separation is hard since I had to explain carefully to my son what had happened to us. It is hard to raise a child alone, and apparently, my son was having a hard time too without a father at his side. I have to stand on myself and continue my life.

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