They Think My Job Is Sexy

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Do you enjoy meeting interesting people? If you enjoy meeting interesting people and having sex, there are a few career options that you should go for. I never used to think about this topic a lot, but when I have a bit of downtime at London escorts, all sorts of thoughts drift through my mind. The other day I started to think about all of the professionals I date at London escorts, and found myself wondering what kind of people they date when they don’t date London escorts.

For instance, take pilots. Who do they date? I know that they are often lonely, and just like us girls at London escorts, they really do find it hard to fit in personal relationships. Do they date other members of cabin crew? One of the girls I worked with at a cheap London escorts agency used to be an air hostess before she joined London escorts. She said that many pilots just became pilots so that they could date hot blondes and kinky brunettes. What she said did not surprise me one little bit.

What about doctors? As far as I know, not too many doctors are into dating London escorts. All through my London escorts career, I have only met a few men who have claimed to have been medical doctors. Maybe it is not the done thing for doctors to date London escorts. That surprises me. I keep reading about kinky doctors in the online papers. Perhaps they prefer to get kinky with their patients and the nurses that they work together with at hospitals up and down the country.

What about businessmen? I am not sure that all businessmen could be considered as professionals, but during my time with London escorts, I have to say that I have met a few. Who do they screw? I would love to know who international businessmen screw. They travel around the world so much that they get plenty of chance to meet interesting people and screw them. Maybe they like to shag their secretaries or fellow female business colleagues. That would not surprise me at all.

Who would I want to screw and what professional group would I like to belong to? Well, I am pretty happy working for London escorts. But, if I was not doing that I think that I would have to work in a professional group where you get plenty of men in uniform. I think that many of them are very sexy and I would love to have sex with almost any men uniform. Sure, I have got my weaknesses, and I guess it would have to be firemen. I would just love to have one put on his big strong shoulders and spank my bare bottom. Well, surely you don’t think that I sleep with my knickers on… That would not leave me up for the odd big surprise if you know what I mean.

I alway thought myself as one of the best in my kinky profession, however i see there are many more kinkier profession than mine.

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